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The Lakes

'The haven every angler envisages when he can no longer see his desk for paperwork.'

Trout Fisherman Magazine

What do the East Tuddenham lakes offer?

The two stunning lakes at East Tuddenham are spring fed and cover an area of approximately 6 acres. While the lakes are mostly of medium depth, there are areas of deep water at the dam end of the lower lake.

Regulars tend to favour floating lines with small imitative pattern, which will produce fish throughout the season. Pheasant tail and sedge patterns are all very effective. Lures also work well and there is ample scope for the dry fly enthusiast.

The lakes are regularly stocked, normally every few weeks depending on the preceding week’s catch rates, with rainbows with a minimum weight of 1LB 4oz, with a sprinkling of larger fish to double figures plus a few browns from time to time. The record rainbow tipped the scales at 12LB 4oz, the biggest brown 10LB, and the largest 4 fish bag being 25LB 4oz.

There are several toilets on-site and free tea/coffee is available in the comfortable pine lodge at the top of the Top Lake. 

We are not known as a 'trophy water'. Most of our trout are sensible 'plate size', i.e. about a pound and a half. However, now and again a few specimens are banked to make your day even more memorable. 

N & S BLUE.jpg

A 7lb 4oz Blue caught in the Bottom Lake off The Point.

N & S BROWN.jpg

A 9lb 14oz Brown caught from the Bottom Lake on the Dam Wall. 


A 11lb 2oz Rainbow from the Top Lake on the Right Hand Bank. 

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